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We are mostly renovation cars Tatra 57 K

  • Complete restoration of cars Tatra 57K
  • Renovation chassis Tatra 57, Tatra 57A, 57B Tatra, Tatra 57K
  • Renovation timbering cars Tatra 57K
  • Renovation body Tatra 57K


  • Complete body building Tatra 57K
  • Complete construction of the car Tatra 57K
  • Body paint
  • Production Pantographs Tatra 57K including wooden arches
    (folding roof)


Renovation of the other cars in agreement with the restoration of historic vehicles have extensive experience with the help of our certified partners, we are able to provide a complete renovation of the vehicle. With our partners, we provide professional upholstery, carpentry, painting, plating and under. The total renovation cost is based on the hourly rate and the quality of materials used. Everything depends on the first scan vehicles and agreement. To further clarify the scope of work occurs after the dismantling of the vehicle, thorough cleaning of parts and determine their condition. Without this procedure can not predict what will be the total price. Watching renovating every day in your web gallery. Payments are made through advances from which are deducted from hours worked. After completion of the contract, the total amount invoiced and the advance payments are credited against the amount. From these advances will be debited every day for work and materials on the vehicle. These operations are complemented by photographs. With this you can have a detailed overview of what stage of completion of the contract is and what is the total cost. About every step of the customer adequately and timely informed so that they could ask or check. Indeed, we are not oracles and we are not able to determine the total cost before completing all the work. ... 😃